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June 2015 Nuclear Security Brief

July 07, 2015

By Kate Miller

Security for Nuclear Weapons and Materials

Kazakhstan hosted a four-day international conference examining the Cooperative Threat Reduction program (6/1/2015)

The International Atomic Energy Agency called for international effort to combat cyber threats to nuclear security (6/2/2015) 

The U.S. hosted the seventh round of the U.S.-Pakistan Security, Strategic Stability, and Nonproliferation Working Group and expresses confidence in Pakistan's ability to safeguard its nuclear weapons (6/3/2015) 

Los Alamos and Sandia National labs were fined nearly $1 million for losing classified materials and repeatedly disclosing nuclear bomb design information (6/5/2015) 

The Fissile Material Working Group—a coalition of dozens of NGOs from around the world— released a set of Policy recommendations for the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit (6/16/2015) 

Japan has 16 tons of plutonium in storage in France and no way to use it (6/18/2015) 

Reducing the Number of Sites to Protect

The International Atomic Energy Agency is examining Syria’s request for assistance to convert HEU reactor to LEU (6/8/2015) 

The Nuclear Threat Initiative makes the case for regional HEU-Free zones as a 'gift basket' for the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit (6/26/2015) 

Security for Nuclear Power Plants and Facilities

Kazakhstan signed an agreement with the IAEA to host an international LEU fuel bank (6/11/2015) 

Security for Radiological Sources

The Australian Foreign Minister stated that ISIS is believed to have collected enough radioactive material to build a dirty bomb (6/13/2015) 

Global Governance of Nuclear Security

Congress passed key legislation to implement two international agreements that strengthen efforts to combat nuclear terrorism (6/2/2015) 

The International Atomic Energy Agency published its long-anticipated guide on nuclear material control and accounting for nuclear security (6/9/2015) 

The Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism held its 2015 plenary session (6/17/2015)

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