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April/May 2015 Nuclear Security Brief

June 10, 2015

By Nickolas Roth

Security for Nuclear Weapons and Materials

Cost of U.S. plan to dispose of 34 tons of plutonium now estimated between $31 billion to more than $100 billion. (5/27/15)

Given the threat from “loose nukes” to our national security, the United States should take steps to jump-start U.S.-Russian nuclear security cooperation. (5/26/15)

Three anti-nuclear activists released from federal prison. (5/16/15)

Russia's corruption in nuclear industry a U.S. concern and 'threat' To national security; FBI still investigates. (5/2/15)

Task force: boost nonproliferation funds (5/1/15)

FBI probes suspected bribery in Russian uranium sales to U.S. (4/30/15)

Allegations of “unsuitable behaviors” among agents and a supervisor involved in high-security transport of nuclear weapons. (4/1/15)

Glossary of key nuclear terms by the P5 Working Group. (4/1/15)

Reducing the Number of Sites to Protect

Report from Nuclear Threat Initiative, Center for Nonproliferation Studies, and the Fissile Materials Working Group: A Roadmap to Minimize and Eliminate Highly Enriched Uranium. (5/26/15)

Book review of “Unmaking the Bomb” (5/1/15)

Security for Nuclear Power Plants and Facilities

A nun walks free: The government’s nuclear sabotage case dismissed. (5/18/15)

Russia's corruption in nuclear industry a U.S. concern and 'threat' to national security; FBI still investigates. (5/2/15)

Japanese court halts restart of two nuclear reactors due to safety concerns. (4/15/15)

Security for Radiological Sources

Since 2002, U.S. and Armenia have increased security for 30,000 curies of radiological material from nine locations. (5/27/15)

Stopping Nuclear Smuggling

The House Armed Services Committee is pushing a bill that would prohibit funding for fixed radiation detectors to catch nuclear smugglers. (5/20/15)

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