Hillel Bachrach is a dynamic executive entrepreneur, with over 30 years of hands-on management and directorship with all aspects of successful commercial global introductions of new, innovative, and revolutionary medical technologies. His work has lead to significant sustained and profitable growth providing direct and positive impact on the valuation of the corresponding enterprise. Bachrach is the Managing Partner of 20/20 HealthCare Partners LLC. 20/20 HCP owns and provides equity financing for promising growth businesses as well as for buyouts or recapitalizations of companies specializing in the HealthCare IT & Diagnostic Imaging Devices. Bachrach co-founded ESC Medical Systems (now Lumenis) in 1993, one of the first medical laser/flash lamp companies addressing cosmetic applications. NASDQ IPO in 1996 (ESCF). In 1999 Bachrach co-founded MSq, Ltd. (now Alma Laser), another innovator in the medical laser field. Boston based TA Associates purchased 66% of Alma in 2006 and Fuson, a Chinese pharmaceutical company, purchased the entire company in 2013. Bachrach obtained VC funding for the rebound of Orex Computerized Radiography, a manufacturer of Computerized Radiography (CR) systems and software, where he served as the CEO from 2001. Orex was sold to Eastman Kodak in 2005.

In 2006 20/20 HCP acquired a majority ownership in Viztek, a provider of HealthCare IT, hardware and software solutions; Bachrach serves as Viztek active Chairman. Viztek 2013 sales reached a profitable $55M. He also led various funding rounds of Corindus, a company specialized in Robotics for the CathLab. Corindus obtained a strategic investment agreement with Phillips Medical. Through a reverse merger, in September 2014, Corindus went public on NASDAQ, (CVRS). Also in September 2014, additional portfolio company of Mr. Bachrach, Vascular Biogenics Laboratories, went public on NASDAQ, (VBLT). He has also served as the President of Odin Medical Technologies, Inc. (sold to Medtronic in 2006). Bachrach helped found UltraSPECT, Ltd, in 2001 the leader in providing sophisticated software solutions for dose and procedure time reduction for nuclear medicine procedures. Other 20/20 HCP MedTech investments/ directorships include SRS Medical, a leader in the specialty Urology marketplace; Eight Spoke, provider of IT solutions to the Pharma industry and ImmunoExcite, a biopharma company focused on developing a cancer therapy based on an innovative immunotherapy platform.

During the last few years Mr. Bachrach divested his activities to two new avenues, New Media & Lifestyle. On the Media side he co-led various investment rounds in Zixi – a leading enabler of flawless broadcast quality HDTV over the Internet. Velocomp is Mr. Bachrach’s latest investment. Velocomp is the developer of innovative and advanced cycling Power Meters.

He received his MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management in 1976 and a B.S in Electrical Engineering from Technion Israeli Institute of Technology in 1971.

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