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Analysis & Opinions - International Herald Tribune

If Iran is Not Checked, Nuclear Terror is Next: America Needs a Plan

| August 9, 2004

"...[C]entralized control over fissile materials must be maintained during any potential chaos in Iran, and this issue should be addressed by a contingency plan. The Iranians have acknowledged the existence of many installations holding fissile materials — most of which are in highly populated areas. The Iranian public and foreign governments acknowledge that they really don't know just who in Iran controls these facilities."

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Journal Article - Arms Control Today

Iran at the Nuclear Threshold

| November 2003

For the past decade, Iran's nuclear program has been a proliferation concern to the United States. Given that Iran is awash with oil and gas reserves, Tehran's decision to allocate a major portion of its infrastructure investment to develop nuclear power plants has been puzzling. Until the spring of this year, the United States was practically alone in pressing for limits on Iranian access to nuclear weapons-related technology and materials. Western European states and Russia have differed with the United States in their assessment of the extent of Iran's nuclear program and its intentions to develop nuclear weapons. Europe, Russia, and Japan have also been reluctant to upset bilateral trade and political relations with Iran as a lever to prevent proliferation.