Journal Article - Nature Energy

Political Economy of Clinton's Ambitious Energy Program

| October 2016


Hillary Clinton's campaign has stressed her continuity with Obama's energy policy on key aspects such as decarbonization of the US economy, technological innovation and global cooperation. However, policy reforms to deliver long-term climate goals might be out of reach in a highly divided Congress.

Democrats have traditionally pursued energy policy with the goal of delivering clean, affordable and reliable energy to US consumers. The Obama administration has implemented policies focused on these objectives, and Secretary Clinton has advocated for energy policy goals that would build on this foundation. On clean energy, President Obama has pledged to lower greenhouse gas emissions 26–28% below 2005 levels by 2025; Secretary Clinton has called for a 30% emissions cut by 2025....

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For Academic Citation: Aldy, Joseph E.. Political Economy of Clinton's Ambitious Energy Program.” Nature Energy, vol. 1. no. 10. (October 2016) .