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Fellows’ Research Has Global Implications, Impact

Fall 2005

Military transformation, drugs and conflict in Afghanistan, clean-coal technologies, women's governance in the Middle East, agricultural biotechnology, U.S. intelligence issues, weapons in space-these are a fraction of the topics being researched by the exceptional Belfer Center fellows who are settling into the new academic year.

Among this year's fellows are several high profile individuals from the public and private sectors who will spend the year undertaking research projects while sharing their unique perspectives and insights on global issues with other fellows and faculty.

Doug Ahlers, a pioneer in online commerce and advertising, is in residence at the Belfer Center exploring the growing impact of digital media on our political institutions and the rise of global virtual communities as new political actors vis-à-vis nationstates. Ahlers, who created the first commercial website and the first banner ads on the internet, was recently appointed to the Economic Development Committee of the New Orleans Mayor's Commission to "Bring New Orleans Back."

Scott Delman is cofounder of the asset management firm Capital Z Investment Partners. As Executive Director of Foreign & Colonial Emerging Markets (FCEM), a global emerging markets investment firm, Delman directed the firm's investment activities in Eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and Africa. While at the Belfer Center, he is researching U.S. management of international economic policy relative to national security threats.

Former Senator Bob Graham is dividing his time atthe Kennedy Schoolbetween lecturing at theInstitute of Politics andresearching U.S. intelligenceissues and emergingthreats at the Belfer Center.Graham, a former three-term U.S. senatorfrom Florida, served as chairman of the SenateSelect Committee on Intelligence. He cochairedthe "Joint Inquiry into IntelligenceCommunity Activities before and after theTerrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001."

United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Sir Kieran Prendergast is focusing his research on conflict management and resolution in the Middle East and Africa. Sir Kieran has had an impressive career with the UN British Diplomatic Service, serving most recently as the head of the main source of political advice to Secretary-General Kofi Annan on matters relating to peace and security.

Brigadier General Kevin Ryan (retired) is exploringmodern military transformationas well asU.S.-Russian security issuesfor the Belfer Center. In hislast active duty assignment,he was responsible forArmy strategic war plans, policy, and internationalaffairs. Ryan also served as seniorregional director for slavic states in the DefenseDepartment's Office of Secretary of Defenseand as defense attaché to Russia. He was previouslya professor at the U.S. Military Academy.

Yong Shang is vice minister for China's Ministry of Science and Technology. Appointed in December 2004, he is responsible for the formulation of strategies for China's science and technology development and research. He was the chief drafter of "China's National Long- and Medium-Term Plan for Science and Technology Development." Shang was previously a professor at China's University of Mining and Technology. At the Belfer Center, Shang is exploring the theoretical development of current science and technology policies as well as challenges nations face while implementing them. He is also a New World Fellow with the Kennedy School's Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government.

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