Directed by David Eaves, digital HKS is an independent project committed to understanding the relationship between digital technology, open data, and digital rights as they relate to the public interest. Newly based at the Belfer Center, digital HKS achieves this by developing research, curriculum, and events as well as serving as a steward for the government digital services and public interest technology practitioner communities—two groups at the forefront of this work.

digital HKS is committed to teaching public leaders how to understand the relationship between technology, data, and the public interest by teaching public leaders to understand how to design, build, and engage with digital technologies as they relate to civic participation, digital equity and inclusion, governance of government platforms, and data accountability.

digital HKS is home to a rich community of students and research fellows along with adjunct lecturers that include Dana Chisnell, Kathy PhamNick SinaiBruce Schneier, and Jim Waldo. Fellows’ research covers domestic and international topics such as exploring the future of government work, assessing human rights considerations applied to internet protocols, and analyzing the ethical considerations of identity and indigenous populations in the global south.