Expert Analysis from the Nuclear Knowledge Summit
March 2014 | Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs

At the 2014 Hague Nuclear Security Summit, the Belfer Center's Project on Managing the Atom interviewed a number of key government representatives on what progress has been made in the global nuclear security effort and what work remains to be done.

Progress to Date and the Path Ahead
March 2014 | 2014 Nuclear Security Summit
Discussion with Deepti Choubey, Charles Groenhuijsen, Corey Hinderstein, Anita B. Nilsson, and William H. Tobey

“This panel includes commentators with experience in government, with the International Atomic Energy Agency and as experts with influential voices shaping the global nuclear security agenda. The discussion addressed: how have the Summits been able to drive successful actions; what are concrete examples of success stories regarding specific countries or the Summit process as a whole; what are expectations for the outcomes of the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit; what are the most important challenges remaining; and what is the path ahead to the next Nuclear Security Summit in 2016 and beyond?” 

2014 Nuclear Knowledge Summit
March 2014 | Knowledge Summit

The Nuclear Knowledge Summit - one of three official side events of the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit - brought together leading NGO participants and nuclear experts from around the world to expand on the dialogue at the official Nuclear Security Summit and include topics not covered at the Summit including cyber-security and non-civilian stocks of nuclear materials. 

Nuclear Materials Management - Preventing Insider Theft
April 2014 | Faculti Media
Interview with Matthew Bunn

Professor Matthew Bunn discusses methods and strategies to prevent insider theft at facilities containing weapons-usable materials and radioactive sources.

The Future of Global Nuclear Security Policy Summit
March 2014 | National Journal
Discussion with Kare R. Aas, Matthew Bunn, Jeff Fortenberry, Jane Harman, Renée Jones-Bos, James Kitfield, Sam Nunn, Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, and William Tobey

"National Journal hosted the "Future of Global Nuclear Security" Policy Summit, March 12, 2014, to address questions surrounding the upcoming Hague Summit, including, what tangible results should we expect out of The Hague summit in two weeks? What work remains to be tackled by leaders over the next two years on the road to 2016? Is Congress a support or a hindrence?" (click here to view)

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Creating a Legacy for the Nuclear Security Summit
April 2014 | Center for Strategic and International Studies
Discussion with Kenneth Luongo, Lesley McNiesh, Sharon Squassoni, and Sarah Williams

"The Nuclear Security Summit process offers a unique opportunity for leaders to come together to address one of the most difficult global security challenges of the 21st century....On April 2, experts [discussed] what resulted from The Hague summit, what the summit process has accomplished, and what needs to be accomplished in 2016 to prevent nuclear terrorism." 

Preventing Nuclear Terrorism: Prospects for the Upcoming Summit
March 2014 | John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum
Discussion with Matthew Bunn, Laura Holgate, Samantha Pitts-Kiefer, and Gary Samore

Matthew Bunn, Co-Principal Investigator for the Project on Managing the Atom, Laura Holgate, Senior Director at the National Security Council, and Samantha Pitts-Kiefer, Senior Program Officer at the Nuclear Threat Initiative, discussed how to prevent nuclear terrorism at a panel moderated by Gary Samore, Executive Director for Research at the Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center. Conversation covered the goals of the summit, the largest challenges regarding nuclear terrorism, and current relevant events. (click here to view)

Nuclear 101: Technologies and Institutions of Nuclear Security
March 2014 | Harvard Kennedy School
Presentation by Matthew Bunn

What are the most important technologies and approaches used to protect weapons-usable nuclear materials from theft? What are the major international agreements and initiatives focused on improving nuclear security? What are the strengths and weaknesses of current approaches? Matthew Bunn provides a brief introduction to each of these topics. 

Japan Surrenders Part of Its Nuclear Stockpile for Disposal
March 2014 | PBS Newshour
Interview with Matthew Bunn

"Japan said it would relinquish a large cache of weapons-grade plutonium and highly enriched uranium -- enough to build dozens of nuclear weapons -- to the U.S. for disposal, just as a nuclear security summit opens at The Hague. Gwen Ifill assesses the deal with Matthew Bunn of Harvard University."

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Securing Nuclear Material Poses a Global Challenge
March 2014 | Al Jazeera
Interview with Robert Reardon

"Robert Reardon, a nuclear proliferation expert at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, sat down with Al Jazeera America’s Jonathan Betz to discuss whether the world’s stockpiles pose the same risks they did during the Cold War, as part of the regular Sunday segment the Week Ahead." (click here to watch)

Nuclear Security in China
March 2014 | CCTV
Interview with Hui Zhang

Belfer Center Senior Research Associate Hui Zhang discusses China's nuclear security practices an interview with CCTV (segment begins at 14:00 min). (click here to watch)

Nuclear Security
March 2014 | Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, Reality Check
Interview with Graham Allison

"Graham Allison, a leading American expert on international affairs who focuses on nuclear weapons, terrorism and decision-making, explains why the nuclear security summit in the Hague is so important." (click here to listen)

Nuclear Concerns About Russian Security
March 2014 | CNBC
Interview with William Tobey

"William Tobey of Harvard University says that Russia is now showing signs of reluctance in its commitment to improving nuclear security." (click here to watch)

Nuclear Timeline
January 2014 | Interactive Timeline
The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies

"The nuclear timeline is an easy and attractive tool that renders the dazzling history of nuclear developments comprehensible....It covers scientific and technological breakthroughs, the proliferation of nuclear weapons, the emergence of non-proliferation efforts, (near) disasters, and the growing threat of nuclear materials falling in terrorists hands." (click here to view)

The Nuclear Crisis at Plutonium Mountain
November 2013 | Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
Interview with Eben Harrell and David Hoffman

National Journal reporter Rachel Oswald interviews Eben Harrell and David Hoffman on their new report they co-wrote, "Plutonium Mountain: Inside the 17-Year Mission to Secure a Legacy of Soviet Nuclear Testing." 

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Nuclear Security Matters: Matthew Bunn on U.S. Efforts
March 2014 | Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
Interview with Matthew Bunn

Professor of Practice and Project on Managing the Atom Co-principal Investigator Matthew Bunn discusses U.S.-Russia nuclear security cooperation, as well as progress and gaps in the global nuclear security effort in an interview with Nickolas Roth. 

William Tobey on the National Nuclear Security Administration
February 2014 | C-SPAN
Interview with William Tobey

William Tobey discusses the work of the National Nuclear Security Administration, how the agency directs its funding, and its work on nuclear security and preventing nuclear terrorism. (click here to view)

Nuclear 101: How Nuclear Bombs Work
September 2013 | Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
Remarks by Matthew Bunn

In this two-part classroom lecture series, Matthew Bunn explains the inner workings of nuclear bombs. Project on Managing the Atom's Nuclear 101 series presents overviews of key issues affecting the future of nuclear weapons, energy, and nonproliferation policies.

Nickolas Roth on Nuclear Weapons Security
February 2014 | Harvard Kennedy School Policycast 
Interview with Nickolas Roth

A series of high profile scandals in the US nuclear missile force have raised questions over security. The Belfer Center’s Nickolas Roth explains the problem, what it means for nuclear security, what has been done to remedy the situation and how it might impact the Obama administration’s efforts towards nuclear non-proliferation. (click here to listen)

Cleanout: Eliminating Dangerous Nuclear Materials
March 2014 | Nuclear Threat Initiative

"[S]ince the beginning of 2012, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Mexico, Sweden, Ukraine, and Vietnam have all made contributions to global security by reducing the threat of material theft that could lead to a nuclear catastrophe at the hands of terrorists."

Nuclear Terrorism: The Threat is Real
March 2014 | Nuclear Threat Initiative

"Terrorists are seeking nuclear weapons. The hardest step? Getting nuclear materials. This short video describes three real-world nuclear security breaches and the steps to prevent terrorists from getting a nuclear weapon."

Semipalatinsk Test Site - Kazakhstan
March 2014 | Nuclear Threat Initiative

This Nuclear Threat Initiative video details the Soviet nuclear testing conducted at the Semipalatinsk Test Site and international efforts to clean up the test site.

The Way Forward for Nuclear Security
March 2014 | The Stanley Foundation

"The Stanley Foundation talked to more than a dozen diverse and distinguished experts from the Nuclear Security Governance Experts Group (NSGEG) and the Fissile Materials Working Group (FMWG) drawing on their experience to see how today's patchwork of voluntary arrangements can be forged into a long-lasting system." 

Nuclear Security and Japan's Plutonium Path
March 2014 | Brookings Institution, Center for Public Integrity
Discussion with Nobuyasu Abe, Douglas Birch, Matthew Bunn, Robert Einhorn, and Jeffrey Smith

"What is the status of the policy debate over Japan’s nuclear energy policy, including the Rokkasho plant? Why has Japan’s government chosen to proceed with the plant’s construction and operation? How does the Japanese government plan to deal  with the plutonium produced in the plant? And how will Japan’s nuclear energy policy, and especially the operation of Rokkasho, impact efforts to secure and eliminate nuclear materials?" 

Nuclear Security Press Briefing and Report Release
July 2013 | Stanley Foundation's Fissile Materials Working Group
Press briefing featuring Matthew Bunn, Kelsey Davenport, Kenneth Luongo, and Sharon Squassoni

"Leading nuclear experts shared insights with members of the media on the existing shortcomings in the global effort to prevent nuclear terrorism, specific policy proposals that world leaders must implement, and the role the International Atomic Energy Agency can play to prevent the threat."

February 2012 | Interactive Map
By Alex Wellerstein

The NUKEMAP is aimed at helping people visualize nuclear weapons on terms they can make sense of — helping them to get a sense of the scale of the bombs. By allowing people to use arbitrarily picked geographical locations, people will come to understand what a nuclear weapon would do to places they are familiar with, and how the different sizes of nuclear weapons change the results. (click here to use NUKEMAP)

NNSA Efforts to Reduce the Risk of Nuclear Proliferation and Terrorism: The Bush Legacy
April 2013 | Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars
Remarks by William Tobey

William Tobey provides details of NNSA’s work to increase nuclear security and reduce the risk of material loss and terrorism, specifically discussing the progress of the Global Threat Reduction Initiative and Second Line of Defense Program, among others. 

Nuclear Terrorism: Enhancing Nuclear Security
April 2012 | MacArthur Foundation
Interview with Matthew Bunn

Matthew Bunn discusses the threat posed by nuclear terrorism, as well as the international efforts underway to quell the threat.

Assessing the 2012 Nuclear Security Summit
March 2012 | Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
Interview with Matthew Bunn

Following the 2012 Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, South Korea, Associate Professor Matthew Bunn answered questions from Research Associate Eben Harrell about the successes of the summit and the remaining challenges.

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Nuclear Security Summit: Press Conference
April 2010 | White House Press Conference
Remarks by Gary Samore and others

Following the first Nuclear Security Summit, Gary Samore and other senior administration officials provide an overview of the state of global nuclear security and the commitments that emerged from the Summit. 

Graham Allison on the Threat of Nuclear Terrorism
April 2010 | ABC News (Australia)
Interview with Graham Allison

In advance of the 2010 Nuclear Security Summit, Graham Allison talked with ABC News Australia about the importance of the upcoming conference, as well as the security of nuclear material around the world and the threat of nuclear terrorism.

Nuclear Terrorism: A World of Three No's
September 2007
Featuring Graham Allison, Matthew Bunn, and Sam Nunn

"In this episode, former Senator Sam Nunn and co-chair of the Nuclear Threat Initiative, along with Graham Allison and Matthew Bunn, discuss ways in which we might limit the spread of nuclear weapons."

Nuclear Terrorism: A Global Problem
September 2007
Featuring Graham Allison, Matthew Bunn, and Sam Nunn

In this episode, the Belfer Center's Graham Allison and Matthew Bunn and NTI's Sam Nunn describe the global repercussions of a nuclear bomb going off. 

Nuclear Terrorism: What Is a Nuclear Bomb?
September 2007
Featuring Matthew Bunn

"In this episode, Matthew Bunn of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University's JFK School of Government and author of "Securing the Bomb" describes what happens when a nuclear bomb is detonated."

Nuclear Terrorism: Rolling Back Proliferation
September 2007
Featuring R. Nicholas Burns, Ashton B. Carter, and Sam Nunn

"Part of a continuing series based on Graham Allison's book, Nuclear Terrorism: The Ultimate Preventable Catastrophe. Here, Sam Nunn, Ashton Carter, and R. Nicholas Burns discuss the need to limit nuclear weapons, and how me might do so."

Nuclear Terrorism the Ultimate Preventable Catastrophe
August 2007
Featuring Graham Allison

"This is the first in a continuing series on nuclear terrorism. It is based on the book Nuclear Terrorism: The Ultimate Preventable Catastrophe by Graham Allison. The purpose of this series is to provide education about the dangers we all face and move us toward smart and peaceful solutions."  

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